Wonderful people of Monmouth, we need your help!

Our festival, one of Europe's longest running, largest free festivals starts next week and there are still some things we need.

The festival is organised and run by people from the community for the community but we desperately need volunteers to help with both stewarding and bucketing.

We want as many people to enjoy as much of the festival as possible - you can do this and help out at the same time! Stewards help us keep an eye on the size of the crowd, whilst ensuring safety. Bucketeers help us raise the much needed cash to start the ball rolling for next year's festival.

The last piece of help required is that everyone attending helps us to maintain our licence by not bringing any glass to the festival site. Please help us to keep going!

You donated £20,000 in the buckets last year and we need everyone's help to raise £25,000 this year from this, the biggest programme in years.

More details of how to help and how to volunteer can be found over on our Volunteer Page or please email us at info@monmouthfestival.co.uk!