Your Festival Needs You! (What is a Bucket Babe?)

What are you doing over the course of the Monmouth Festival? Do you want to help keep this historical free festival running? Have you got a spare evening or two?

One of the most important volunteer roles during the Festival is “Bucket Babe.” This non-gender, non-age specific (Non pc!) title has historically been applied to all members of our volunteer team who ask (Beg, plead with) our wonderful festival goers to throw money in the buckets to support the Festival. Our Babes on some evenings have spanned three generations!

If you have an outgoing personality, are over 16 and feel you can assist, we would like to have you on board. Engaging with every crowd member, applying that night’s colour coded sticker, getting them to part with some cash is not only rewarding but also provides around 25% of the income needed to keep us going.
Your chance to sport this year’s award winning t-shirt design is also a good reason to put your name in the frame.

Every year we are well supported by the Rotary Club. Other groups, organisations, workplace teams would also be more than welcome to join in.

The rota is in the process of being drawn up and we would like to see some more names on the list.
If you can spare an evening or two, three, nine please contact, in the first instance, Mark Williamson or Maria Monaghan by e-mail: or  Mark can also be contacted via mobile on 07899661536. 

If you can’t work as a “Babe” please remember how important the buckets are for our continuity and be as generous as you can, whenever you attend an event, to support our Monmouth Festival