Monmouth Festival 2014: Day 6

Tonight was über chilled and an absolutely perfect summer festival scene.

The Antidote got the night rolling with some great rock/blues tunes, the vocals were spot on and the instrumental got the crowd going which is a mean feat midweek. The MonFest team were out front giving it the beans to get the crowd going and I think we managed to thaw out a few closet dancers before the set was done.
 “The Antidote were way better than we expected, they have been the best starting band yet, great vocals”
The night’s headliner Leddra Chapman was an absolute superstar, her flawless vocals and confident stage presence got the crowd in the right mood and set up day 6 for total success.  Monmouth’s MNB social forum is still raving about Leddra’s set even now, as I write this post at midnight with Monnow Street still alive and singing. Leddra also showed herself to be a true humble star with a great birthday dedication and a well-deserved and much needed encore.
“I only found Leddra’s music a few years back and I am SO glad she played Monmouth, I love her stuff and she is definitely going to be a megastar ”

Dance night kicks off tomorrow with 90’s legends SL2 and Monmouth’s Headfunkt DJ’s who are playing to raise money not just for Monmouth Festival but for other charities as well.  Tomorrow will be a first, and I’m all up for progression so roll on Thursday night.

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