Monmouth Festival 2014: Day 5

Tonight was absolutely on fire!!

The main stage kicked off at 8:00pm with Tarantino tribute ‘A Band Apart’, the music was smooth and the execution, slick. Awesome Tarantino tunes got the crowd in the mood for a great night of music, taking off tunes from Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Django. The crowd amassed to maximum capacity by the time their set was finished and were treated to a sexy encore to close off the first half
 “A Band Apart were really cool, their outfits were awesome and my mates and even my mum liked the music”
Second up were Festival favourites, the incredible! The unstoppable! The biblical institution that is ‘The Mighty Pledge’. They were the crowd’s absolute favourite, pulling in numbers close to that of the headliner and proving that 24 years of festival playing has by no means slowed them down. TMP have instead matured like some groovy stilton showing off their wicked skills to the crowd and playing tunes that everyone knows and everyone is ready to dance to.
“THE MIGHTY PLEDGE! Enough said, that IS Monmouth Festival right there, they are what we are here to see, and they are why we come back”

‘Antidote’ and ‘Leddra Chapman’ play tomorrow, Leddra has been tweeting @MonFestiv about the Festival all week so we know she is excited to play it, and we are stoked to see her as well! Roll on
Day 6.

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