Monmouth Festival 2014: Day 4

Monmouth Festival 2014 Day 4 was SWEET! These guys absolutely cranked the volume up tonight. Tonight kicked off with the awesome Crochez Moi, winners of ‘Monmouth’s Got Talent’ and containing one half of the busking festival band Tom & Joe. Crochez Moi rocked the crowd with some diverse covers and built up some momentum ready for Bloodflower.
“Crochez Moi were a great band to start the night, it wasn’t too heavy and set
up the rest of the bands really well”
The incredible Bloodflower covered some epic tunes combining heavy beats with cool 80’s electro pop. The crowd went crazy for the Bronski Beat cover, from backstage you can really feel the energy building when the crowd knows the tune and knows it well.
“Bloodflower were freakin’ insane, Bronski Beat was an awesome cover, I’m totally coming back if the Festival keeps this stuff up”
To close off the night musical genius Ted Zed set the fans on fire with his cool electro rock beats, the energy was off the scale by 10:30 and the fans were screaming for a second encore, and they genuinely wanted it. It’s the first night that the crowd didn’t just let it go, when there was no second encore they were genuinely (and vocally) disappointed, and that is awesome for Ted Zed and sets the bar for dance night this Thursday, which, off the back of this, should be EPIC!
“I didn’t get what Ted Zed was from the brochure, I thought it was a Tribute, but when they came out with those tunes it was electric”

I am stoked for The Mighty Pledge tomorrow, they are as much of an establishment as the festival itself and you know they’ll draw in massive numbers. Roll on tomorrow night!!