Monmouth Festival 2014: Day 3

Monmouth Festival 2014 Day 3, the festival is just getting better and better. Today kicked off with part two of the busking festival, the top six performers from yesterday’s free-mike performed live for the carnival audience. They did not disappoint, Silurian got the crowds going with springsteen-esque tunes before moving into the soulful and sensational 14 year Ellen Coombe. Tom & Joe and Owen Hughes drew an amazing crowd and featured heavily on the social media feeds whilst Bexley and The Gunpowder Plot blew the crowds away with their unbelievable talent, confidence and professionalism. As the sun slowly began to set the busking came to a close and were left with a milling and chilled out crowd, the smell of burgers and ice-cream.

The main stage was set alight at 8:00pm by an old Monmouth favourite ‘Bitchpups’ who got the crowd frenzied with their heavy indie beats and awesome stage presence.
“I am so chuffed Bitchpups are back, it’s so true, they are the voice of a local generation”
The wildcard, ‘Toxic Twins’ took the stage next, an Aerosmith tribute band who, within a few minutes, had the entire crowd on their side, they could have sung literally anything in the world and the crowd would still have been mesmerised. The crowd spoke for themselves and I’m certain the festival would be packed every-night if bands with the charisma and repertoire of ‘Toxic Twins’ played each night. Their presence was huge, amazing costume and strobes setting off an already wild crowd with classic tunes which get everyone up and dancing.

“This is what the people want, good tunes that we all know, a beer and good friends, classic Monmouth Festival”

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