Monmouth Festival 2014: Day 1

The 32nd Monmouth Festival, day one, an epic first night pretty much sums it up!

The crowd were amazing right from the outset, and I can still hear them outside my bedroom window

Trinity Avenue were an awesome first act, they got the crowd jumping and set the bar for the night. Once the crowd were hyped up they got hungry for more and Trinity Avenue delivered with some great covers of Lady Gaga and Daft Punk. As the light faded out around 10:00pm the glowsticks came out, the crowd was pumped and you could really feel the atmosphere get thicker as the crowd got bigger and louder.

“Trinity Avenue were SO good, they got everyone dancing, they are totally what this festival should be all about”

Then Serpentyne were let loose on the masses. Their pseudo mediaeval, indie sounds were magnified by their heavy presence onstage, steampunk faery costumes and some great digital vocal effects to set them apart.

“They looked like they were rising up from the fog of a mediaeval marsh”

The crowd loved their wild fusion of world music and their unique image really highlighted the diversity of Monmouth Festival and set the bar high for the rest of the week.

See you all tomorrow night, where we have Hattie Briggs, Folklaw and Seth Lakeman to kick off folk night.

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an hour later singing and dancing up Monnow Street.