Bitchpups are back!

Tom Locke catches up with demon drummer Gaz Modget

Bitchpups began life in 2003 and re-formed in 2005 with original vocalist, Matt Modget, joined by sister Hannah on bass, and brother, Gaz on drums. They were loved not just by Monmouth but across the UK. Critics described the music as ‘full of exploding guitar riffs that erupt like The Ramones wrestling the Pixies’,  ‘a band that you know is ‘kick ass’ live.’

When did you last play together?

As Bitchpups, almost 7 years ago but summer 2010 was the last time we all performed together, under the name ‘Thyrd Eye’

Looking forward to the Monmouth Festival?

Yeah, it’ll be brilliant to be back as the Bitchpups in Monmouth, it’s where it all began, and the festival is a big part of the community and means a huge amount to us. We played a lot of gigs in Monmouth, especially The Queens Head and have played the Festival a couple of times which is always amazing. We know lots of people in the local community, so it’ll be really good to get back to our roots and play for that awesome festival crowd again.

 So what have you all been up to since you last played?

My sister and I played at Monmouth Festival in 2011 as Screaming Tiger with Ollie Montez (from Hereford) and John Marshall. Other than that, much as we love the music, we have all had work commitments. It is a little bit more difficult now as my brother lives in York, I help run this business (Car Care) and my sister is running her own Pilates business.  We do all still practice when my brother is down and we’re really looking forward to performing at the Monmouth Festival.

Bitchpups are: Hannah (bass), Gareth (drums) and Matt (guitar/vocals) Modget

Catch them on Sunday 27th July on the main stage.