Letter of thanks

May I take the opportunity to thank some of the people who have supported us and ensured that we were able to put on the 34th Monmouth Music Festival.

Our thanks, as ever, are due to Monmouth Town Council for their grant support for the festival and carnival as well as for their support with administration.

We also obtained grants from The Big Welsh Lottery and New Grove Trust, which secured new daytime fringe activities and allowed us to continue our classical programme in St Mary’s Church, for which we are very grateful.

Our traders on the festival site have supported us appropriately again this year and we hope their faith has been repaid by good crowd support for their efforts during the event.

Our advertisers and sponsors ensure we can deliver a widely circulated, good quality brochure and high spec information screen as well as generating a small surplus towards other costs. You will have spotted many of those businesses throughout the town as they displayed a copy of the festival poster. Please support them, please thank them too!

My personal thanks are due to the directors and committee members, all of whom devote a significant amount of their time. All are unpaid and their sole interest is in delivering a good quality festival, free for all.

Lastly, may I thank all of our festival goers. Without you the whole week would not be the success it is for the town. You make it what it is. Your donations also help to underpin next year’s event. Without that security we cannot develop continuing improvements to the festival or engage with some of the artistes we might want to bring to our town. We aim to be back next year and if so please, come along and support. Many of you are and have been extremely generous. If every attendee donated just £1 per visit we know we could guarantee the continuing success of Monmouth Music Festival. Hopefully everyone will be able to feel that they can do that next year.

 Mel Ralph

(Co-Chair Monmouth Festival)

Cerys Watts

Situated in the beautiful historic Welsh border town Monmouth Festival is a nine day festival offering the unique atmosphere of yesteryear festivals in the here and now. Organised by a committee of unpaid hardworking passionate volunteers for the people of Monmouth town and the surrounding areas, but attracting visitors from all over the world, it is proud to be considered one of the largest and best free volunteer organised festivals in Europe