Monmouth 2015 by Mutha Luvin Chimps (MLC)

Playing in an originals band trying to find an outlet and an audience for your finely honed set of self-written masterpieces, life ain’t all sunshine and lollipops!  There’s many a pub boasting that they ‘support live music’. This generally translates as ‘we support covers bands that play exactly the same songs as the covers band we had on last week’.

Ask the average pub landlord if they’ll consider putting on a band that plays (shock horror) their own songs and the reaction will be as if you’ve asked for something truly horrendous. That’s before you ask if there’s any chance of petrol money or a free drink after the event.

Then there is the support slot with bigger bands, the holy grail of ‘exposure’. Strangely, these support slots seem to depend less on musical ability or quality of your songs and more on how many mates you can march through the door at gunpoint, only stopping so they can pay for a ticket. And trendier promoters won’t even consider you unless everyone in the band has beards.

But…..(there is a but) sometimes you play an event that makes everything seem worthwhile and (yes, you’ve guessed it)…. Monmouth Music Festival is such an event. An amazing setting in the heart of South Wales with a fantastic stage, large screens (look mum, I’m on TV) and kicking out an awesome sound.

It’s a free festival which attracts a large audience who come to enjoy themselves and the music on offer. Most importantly, the organisers are incredibly welcoming, friendly and genuinely doing it to support live and grass roots music, picking bands to play on merit.  Nothing was too much trouble and …. they have a back stage area with its own free bar! (Don’t tell the drummer).

 Mutha Luvin Chimps played Main Stage, Friday 31st July and it was a true highlight of all the things we’ve done. The feedback from the crowd was brilliant, we flogged some CDs and there was a bouncy castle. What more could you want?

We’d play it again in a heartbeat and loved every single second of it.

Thanks guys.  We had a blast working with you too!
All Barred Up very generously donated the free bar.  Thanks Wayne.

Wurzel World, your chance to enter...

Carnival Sunday, 26th July 2015 sees the Wurzels take the stage, headlining a fun filled day of entertainment for all the family.

Having achieved notoriety when “Twice Daily” was banned by the BBC, The Wurzels gained national success with hits such as “The Combine Harvester”, “I Am A Cider Drinker”, “The Tractor Song” and local fame in Bristol, where their tunes are played by Bristol City FC. The Wurzels have continued to delight with a series of parodies over the years, covering amongst others, Oasis, Pulp, The Stranglers, Catatonia, Tears for Fears and the Kaiser Chiefs. 

This unique and much loved band allegedly features the land’s oldest living drummer, John Morgan, from the Forest of Dean. They continue to delight audiences across the country appearing at many festivals, including Glastonbury and Monmouth. We look forward to having them light up the main stage and entertain us with their singular brand of fun filled West Country Music. 

The band has kindly offered four festival goers the opportunity to get some insight to Wurzel World before they perform on Sunday evening.

If you want to be one of the lucky four to meet these legends of the West Country, get down to the Monmouth Carnival on Sunday from 12.00 to 15.00 and listen out for details!