Invitation to Tender


Monmouth Festival is one of the biggest and longest running FREE music festival in Europe and in 2017 will be celebrating its 35th year. 

With 3 stages and a growing Fringe the Festival attracts not only local people but visitors from all over the UK, Europe and beyond with attendances between 35,000 and 40,000 (dependent on weather) over the nine nights.

Food is an important part of any Festival and Monmouth is no exception.  Each year we hand pick our food menu for the Main Stage Area with the emphasis on quality, variety and cost.

The Main Stage area is open to the public from 6pm with the first band taking to the stage at 8pm.  Trading takes place from 7.30pm to 11.00pm.  Traders will be contracted to attend each evening for the duration of the Festival (all 9 nights) and may, if they wish, attend the Family Fun Day on Sunday, 30th July, 12.00 – 6.00pm.

The Main Stage area is situated in a functioning car park and in order to keep disruption to a minimum access to the site is available from 6pm every day. NOT BEFORE.  Stalls must be taken down by midnight every evening and the car park vacated. (Only the main bar is exempt).

 Monmouth Festival is GLASS FREE.  No glass bottles or containers can be used on site.

 In order to minimise waste and be as environmentally friendly as possible no packaging made from polystyrene is permitted on site.

We are offering the opportunity to tender for the following:


HOT FOOD - up to 8 catering spaces to provide a diverse range of foods: a mix of sweet and savoury options, different / speciality food as well as the more traditional burger bar.

ICE CREAM – up to 2 spaces for ice cream and slush

COLD FOOD up to 2 spaces for a mix of sweet and savoury options

BEVERAGES (Non-alcoholic only) We are offering up to 2 spaces

For stalls 3m x 3m we will consider tenders of £800 and above
For larger stalls we will consider tenders of £1,200 and above

COCKTAIL BAR – we are offering 1 space only for a 3m x 3m Cocktail / Champagne bar

Tenders of £2,000 and above will be considered

This tender application does not include the provision of a licensed bar as the bar concession is managed separately.

Festival traders will be provided with Festival T-shirts which are to be worn for the duration of the Festival. Traders will be given a 1/16th advert in the Festival Brochure,  If you wish to have a larger advert the cost of the complimentary advert can be offset against the cost of the larger adverts.  Traders will be listed on the Festival website: listed on the bottom of each page and featured on the Festival Fare page, and advertised via Social media.  The advert or trader’s logo must be supplied no later than 5th May 2017.

 If you would like to tender please click below          Before submitting your form please read the    to download an application form.                            Terms & Conditions. Click below for a copy.

Please submit your form to the following email address by 31st March 2017 

Applications received after 31st March will not be considered.          

We aim to have a diverse range of catering and on-site stalls and as such, competing tenders will be viewed on the basis of value, quality and professionalism. We are not bound to accept the lowest, highest or any tender we may receive, and Monmouth Festival reserves the right to accept any tender.

For the Family Fun Day Application Form please go to the

Family Fun Day Page

FESTIVal Traders 2016